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About Spirit and Grace


Welcome to ‘Spirit & Grace’, home of my curated range of Jewellery & Fashion Accessories.  And I am Katie Topping.

'Spirit & Grace' is my fabulous gift boutique.  A beautiful location where I curate for you a unique collection of on-trend jewellery and accessories and stylishly elegant gifts from up and coming designer brands and local artisan traders at affordable prices.

From a young age, I realised that I had a passion for all things style-related and remember being caught dressing up in my mum's jewellery and accessories on plenty of occasions, much to her annoyance!  Taking inspiration from this passion and the desire to remain as a stay at home mum, 'Spirit & Grace' was born.

Struggle to find the perfect gift?

Want to gift something a little unique?

Wish to send all the love and comfort of a hug straight to a loved one's front door?

'Spirit & Grace' promises to bring you gift ideas perfect for every occasion and personality, from birthday presents to just-because treats.  I have selected thoughtful and covetable gifts and have a passion for finding you unique products of gorgeousness.

Exceptional value for money without having to compromise on quality is so important and I hope to become your ‘go-to’ destination for all your gift ideas and purchases for life’s special moments and occasions.

"Spirit & Grace – Curating fabulous gifts for fabulous people"

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So why ‘Spirit & Grace?'

Our ‘Spirit’ is our whole being, the part of each and every-one of us that is not physical, made up of our character and feelings, our courage and determination, our liveliness and energy, our feelings at a moment in time, feelings of joy, elation & happiness!  We are all unique and we should embrace this in our giving of gifts!

And "Grace", my Great Grandmother, or ‘Nanny Grace’ as I knew her, was a wonderfully warm, uplifting, thoughtful, reliable, caring & bubbly lady, a one of a kind.  My core values rolled into one, gorgeous human being! The word ‘Grace’ also suggests; elegance, style, sophistication, dignity and good taste, so this was a no brainer!

Peacocks are stunning, magnificent, glamorous and very impressive creatures.  By incorporating the beauty, shape and colours of the feather and "eye" markings into my logo and then using the rich, iridescent blue, emerald green, gold and other hues into the colour scheme of the website, ‘Spirit & Grace is vibrant, distinctive and alluring.

Plus, as a child, I lived in the middle of nowhere, and had peacocks as pets, 2 of them in fact, called Glimmer & Glitter!!


"Spirit & Grace – Curator of unique and inspired finds"


Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to receive 10% off your first order and to keep up to date with the latest news, blog stories and gifts ideas.

If you need any help with selecting a gift or navigating your way through the website, give me a call, and I will be happy to help.