About the Curated Designers

Are you looking for fabulous jewellery & accessories?

I have always been a fan of the finer things in life.  I am a jewellery girl – I have a few key pieces that I wear every single day, but I do love to change up my jewellery and accessories to go with my outfit and I also love creating a charming and stylishly elegant setting at home.

When selecting ‘gifts’ for my business it is quality, originality and interesting elements that I am looking for, carefully curating contemporary wares.

The brands that I use produce both classic pieces as well as ones with a bit of a modern twist for when you feel like wearing or gifting something with a bit more pizazz.

During my years running ‘Isla Grace,’ I have gained a good reputation for quality, focusing on collections based on season, colour, mood & occasion.

As a gift boutique, I aim to create a selection of gifts, with well-thought-out solutions, that allow people to express their personalities, whilst endeavouring to organise my offerings into manageable and shoppable collections.

Boho Betty

Boho Betty love original and stand out jewellery which allows women all over the world to express their individuality and versatility.

Established in 2012, they are committed to creating a contemporary, high quality, globally inspired accessory line at affordable prices.

The Boho Betty collections are inspired by their appreciation and love of other cultures and the different materials, textiles, stones and beads available within the communities they have visited.

All their collections are designed in the UK and emphasize diverse cultures and global fashion trends. The designs continue to be based on layering and stacking. Boho Betty love to encourage women to mix and match bracelets of different shapes, sizes, colours and texture and to use their imaginations to create a truly unique and individual look.

Boho Betty dare to be bold and different.

Hetty & Sam

Hetty & Sam are a husband and wife team, each equipped with a set of skills that complement one another when combined. This mindful harmony is what makes them able to continue creating a wonderful and vibrant collection of vegan leather bags, purses and other gorgeous products that stand out from the crowd. And the best part is, they love what they do!

All of the Hetty & Sam products feature artwork and designs from some of the most innovative and progressive artists from around the world and they are really proud to be able to support designers by giving back a percentage of every sale made, in the hope of encouraging and supporting further artistic talent all around the globe.

Hetty & Sam have always felt strongly about not using any form of leather or fur in any of their products and so each unique piece is made from Vegan Leather.

Hetty & Sam state: “Animals are in the heart of our designs and protecting them in any way we can has always been so important to us. We are so proud to have all our products recognised and approved by PETA.”

Lua Designs

Lua Designs is an independent family-run business which launched back in 2000 after a year of travelling mainly throughout SE Asia.  The team at Lua Designs were impressed by the beautiful and colourful textiles and silk fabrics discovered there, as well as the skills of the local artisans producing gorgeous clothing and accessories.

The majority of Lua Designs products are designed in the UK and come to life using the talents of local craftspeople and produced in partnership with local small business in Vietnam.   The Lua Designs ties with Vietnam have grown stronger over the last 17 years of trading and they continue to visit regularly, sometimes with their children who share their love of travelling and making new friends.

Since 2010, Lua Designs have provided sponsorship to children supported by the Kianh Foundation, a small grass-roots charity based in the UK which addresses the drastic need for improved health and education services for disabled children and adults living in the Quang Nam province of Central Vietnam – an area heavily bombed during the war.

Miss Shorthair

Miss Shorthair is an innovative and unique companty, who design and make their own range of bags, scarves, purses and accessories.

The Miss Shorthair products are made with love and they believe that shopping should be a constant suprise and delight and hope this passes down through to our customers.

All the products developed at Miss Shorthair are executed with passion and they wish for you to express your individuality through the design of each item, bringing something unique, stylish and quirky to the table.

One & Eight

One & Eight is a contemporary jewellery company, making quirky yet elegant pieces that are ‘just a little bit different’.

Owner and designer Susie Dorman creates the jewellery using a combination of porcelain & fine metals, with each piece of porcelain jewellery being crafted in her Devon studio.

Unique and quirky packaging define the brand. Everyone wants to open a beautiful gift and they aim to exceed expectation.

Passionate about good design and quality, the aim of One & Eight is to create pieces that are constructed to last and evolve with their owner.

Peace of Mind (POM)

Peace of Mind Silver Jewellery is an established designer and wholesaler of hand-made sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewellery, silver & gold plated fashion jewellery, scarves and bags.

POM design, manufacture and source beautiful jewellery and accessories that women love to wear. From fine sterling silver jewellery, gold plated and rose gold plated jewellery to silver plated fashion jewellery, you’ll find an abundance of stylish design led accessories that you will want to wear again and again.

My collection of Peace of Mind jewellery includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings in styles from classic to contemporary. I also stock scarves and clutch bags in real suede and leather!

Tilley & Grace

Tilley and Grace set up shop four years ago in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. They spotted a gap in the market for a jewellery and accessories brand that is affordable whilst maintaining excellent quality.

I love the wares from Tilley and Grace with the top selling favourites being costume jewellery, silk scarves and gorgeous colourful cashmere ponchos and scarves. As a family-run company they pride themselves on providing quality products alongside excellent customer service.

All their products have been trialled in their own shops, making them a great choice to offer you, my customers,  genuine insight and guidance with choice of gifts available.

Vineyard Candles

Vineyard Candles are a small family run company based in the North Cornwall town of Wadebridge with 15 years of experience of melting glass and creating candles.

During this time Vineyard Candles have won many business awards for our products, environmental credentials and ethics.

All the products are created and hand-poured at the Vineyard Candles workshop, divided in two - glass making on one side and candle pouring on the other.

The Glass Workshop is hot and noisy and looks a bit like Wallace and Grommit have been unleashed in a scrap heap challenge. In contrast the Candle Workshop is a haven of serene calmness, order and beautifully laid out lines of gently cooling fragrant candles.

What a talented bunch of individuals!